Naomi Champlin

Naomi Champlin is a Maine artist who began painting and drawing at a young age. She created advent calendars for her family each Christmas and painted watercolor birthday cards at each birthday. At age sixteen, she started her business Art By Naomi. She began to sell her watercolor and pen and ink cards at holiday craft fairs and gift shops. Today Naomi sells at local farmers markets on the coast of Maine, at craft fairs and at The Common Ground Country Fair.

Naomi paints places and homes from Maine, New England, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia. She also loves to paint fairies and also old-fashioned scenes. Two of her favorite illustrators are the wonderful Tasha Tudor and Garth Williams. Her love of detailed illustrations and borders can be found in her paintings.

When Naomi is not gardening or milking goats she is happily painting and drawing. She loves telling the stories at the farmers markets about each card. Keep a look out for Art By Naomi!